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Notte e Giorno

Música-teatre Barcelona

Notte e Giorno Música-teatre is a multidisciplinary company based in Barcelona and fascinated by live arts, music of all styles and periods as well as the interrelationship between power, history and society. It was founded in 2016 by Antonio Fajardo, with many public appearances throughout Catalonia.

Each new project starts from an expressive need linked to a co-creation process that involves the performers throughout the configuration of the theme, script, repertoire, etc. Having reached this first participatory phase, Fajardo works as Capo Buffo in developing means of public and citizen participation in the creative processes inside and outside the theater. The script, phrases and texts become confluences of the various subjective truths of the participants in the co-creative process, leaving room for improvisation in a revision of the 16th century canovaccio technique.


Notte e Giorno seeks to empower through music-theater an audience that, directly challenged, is moved to express itself beyond easy applause. Broken the fourth wall, the young company aspires to build a bridge between past and present, with a special taste for the interpretation of old musical repertoires in new formats that update them and facilitate their understanding by all audiences, in a process of desolemnization of the work of the great composers.


In this way, the viewer can feel an otherwise elitist repertoire and have the opportunity to create their own version of the collective memory. It aims to bring individuals out of the masses, giving them golden moments to decide their position on the community.

For our spectators, music is an experiential festive experience in which to reflect on the contemporary world from the union of several artistic disciplines at the same time. We engage with the social environment by challenging it, urging it to look in the mirror in order to reflect on the social animal we are.

Notte e Giorno seeks to offer music-theatrical performances that seek excellence and the enjoyment of the public beyond the purely aesthetic. That is why we define projects conscientiously and produce events to exhibit on the international professional circuit.

The social advancement of contemporary society through the broadening of multidisciplinary artistic consciousness is clearly the primary goal of Notte e Giorno, which visits with equal ease the lands of contemporary, classical and ancient music.

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