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Six characters in an exciting and fun cross dating game that will lead them to live a spiral of emotions in search of the ideal date. Everyone expects to find someone special to light their flame, whether it be for just a moment or forever. Dates that are romantic, furtive, blind, unexpected, fortuitous, subversive, exciting, leading to threesomes or more... That is why they have decided to download a new online dating application, which ensures the success of their meetings through the sensual music of Monteverdi. Although... as in his arias and madrigals, sometimes dating can also end up being dramatic, impossible, disconcerting, disappointing, hypocritical and hilarious!

For example, a date with the madrigal "Vorrei baciarti" predisposes a connection to a high level of sensuality. A rendezvous with the aria "Rosa del Ciel" provides a very romantic experience. If a cathartic failure is one’s preferred outlet, the "Lamento d’Arianna" is ideal. "Puro ti miro" raises the carnal temperature of an encounter. "Si dolce è'l tormento" wallows in the exasperation of an impossible relationship. "Dolci miei sospiri" offers a close and delicate experience. “Ah, dolente partita,” ensures an epic break at the end of the meet-up. For pathetically melodramatic endings, "Lasciatemi morire". If you are looking for a high sexual load with a happy ending, "Sì, ch'io vorrei morire". Or for  festive meetings, let sound “Lasciate i monti”.


The show is about to begin, we ask you to turn off mobile devices... Unless you want to find your ideal partner or live an unforgettable experience. If this is your case, we invite you to download the new Club Monteverdi app, which will put you in touch with that person you could never meet offline. In addition to experiencing the dates of your dreams, you will gain access to our exclusive club and bar, where the music of this brilliant composer will make the emotions of the encounters emerge with unexpected limits, and thus favor a more intense relationship, intimate and unforgettable. Club Monteverdi welcomes you and wishes for you to enjoy your date with the music of Monteverdi.


A date with the madrigal Vorrei baciarti will predispose a connection with a high level of sensuality ...




1. Intrata (la Favola d’Orfeo, 1607)

2. Introduzione al Ballo (Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi, 1632)
3. Zefiro torna (Nono libro dei madrigali, 1651)
4. Vorrei baciarti (Settimo libro dei madrigali, 1619)
5. Ah dolente partita (Quarto libro dei madrigali, 1603)
6. Di misera Regina (Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria, 1640)
7. Damigella tutta bella (Scherzi musicali, 1607)
8. Superbo è l’uom (Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria, 1640)
9. Pur ti miro (L’incoronazione di Poppea, 1643)
10. Sì, ch’io vorrei morire (Quarto libro dei madrigali, 1603)
11. Ohimè, ch’io cado (Quarto scherzo delle ariose vaghezze, 1624)

12. Rosa del ciel (la Favola d’Orfeo, 1607)
13. Io mi son giovinetta (Quarto libro dei madrigali, 1603)
14. Lamento della ninfa (Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi, 1632)
15. Lamento d’Arianna (Sesto libro dei madrigali, 1614)
16. Dolci miei sospiri (Scherzi musicali, 1607)
17. Lasciate i monti (la Favola d’Orfeo, 1607)
18. Io non dirò qual sia (la Favola d’Orfeo, 1607)
19. Introduzione al Ballo (Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi, 1632)
20. Movete al mio bel suon (Madrigali guerrieri ed amorosi, 1632)


If you are looking for a high sexual load

with a happy ending: Sì, ch'io vorrei morire.



Anaïs Oliveras, soprano


Eulàlia Fantova, mezzo-soprano

Mariona Llobera, alto


Matthew Thomson, tenor


Antonio Fajardo, bass

Edwin García, tiorba



Illumination design

Jesús Pelegrín

Costume and props

Maria Albadalejo

Scenic movement
Laura Calvet

Musical advice

Josep Vila i Casañas

Scenic direction &


Jordi Pérez Solé



Photo | Dossier | Critics (in catalan)

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