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Edwin García és Claudio

EDWIN GARCÍA, tiorba (Claudio)

    Born in Bogotá, where he trained in classical guitar at the Javeriana University. He later obtained the upper degree in stringed instruments of ancient music at the ESMUC under the direction of X. Diaz Latorre.
    He has received master classes from teachers A. Abramovich, H. Smith, J. C. Rivera, J. C. de Mulder, E. Egüez and P. O'Dette.
    He has participated in productions with Los Musicos de su Alteza, Orfeó Català, the National Classical Theater Company of Madrid, La Dispersione, Exaudinos, O Vos Omnes, Xuriach, Vespres d'Arnadí and with Cor Francesc Valls at festivals such as the Festival de Musiques Anciennes de Besançon (France), Andalusian and Early Music Festival (Algeria), FI de Musiques Sacrées (Switzerland), FEMAP, etc. 
    Additionally, he has participated in “L'Orfeo” by Monteverdi directed by A. L. King (Copenhagen), “Agrippina” by Händel by H. Bicket (Barcelona) and in La Calisto de Cavalli by M. Galassi (Milan). He has collaborated on recordings with Ficta Music (Arion Music, 2007), Ensemble del Enzina and Alba Sonora.
    He is the director and founder of the company La Sonorosa with which he has just published the album ‘¡Vida Bona!’ and is a teacher at the Escola Coral del Orfeó Catalá and the Escola de Música del Palau.

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