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Anaïs Oliveras és Euridice

ANAÏS OLIVERAS, soprano (Euridice)

    Born in Cabrils (Barcelona), she trained at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati and the Goethe Universität in Frankfurt an Main (violin) and graduated in singing (A. Mateu) and historical singing (L. Climent) at ESMUC, culminating her formative stage with the Master of Interpretation of Ancient Music at the UAB directed by M. Almajano and J. C. Asensio.
    She collaborates with La Capella Reial de Catalunya, the Chamber Choir of the Palau de la Música, the Cor Francesc Valls, the Vozes de Al Ayre Español and Música Reservata among others under the direction of J. Savall, E. López Banzo, E. Onofre , S. Mas, J. Vila, M. Barrera, Ll. Vilamajó, M. Galassi and E. Moreno.
    She has recorded the “Messe en si mineur” by J.S. Bach (J. Savall for Alia Vox), “Il pìu bel nome” by A. Caldara (E. Moreno for Glossa) and “Sound Spaces in the Cathedral of Jaén” (E. Onofre for OBS Prometheus ).
    In addition, she has just published his first solo album: “Stabat Mater de Boccherini” for Enchiriadis, on the occasion of which Ritmo Magazine highlights her “expressive soprano voice, which gives rise to a rich palette of colors and an emotionality that transcends the soul".
    She is a member of the ensembles La Sonorosa, Locus Desperatus and Vox Harmonica.

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